Transform Your Body, Mind and Life!

As an highly-motivated researcher, lifelong student, and voracious reader in leading-age wellness, Dr. Christine Ott has never given into the outdated, traditional mindset of treating the symptoms. She continues both her formal and informal education at every turn so that her expertise becomes a true asset to your well-being. Because of her work, she has become what is considered to be a new breed of doctor.

Furthermore, by using her blueprint, you will harness simple self-care practices and change problematic habits. These practices cover the five essential pillars of health to resolving the underlying cause of your health problems. These include your nervous system and endocrine system. In addition, her personalized treatment provides detoxification as well as protocols for nutrition and fitness.

As a result of her mission, Dr. Ott has shared her story about this groundbreaking change in lifestyle across the nation and beyond. Learn more about why she started her innovative wellness practice by watching this video of her presentation at the Harvard Club of Boston.