Hormone Replacement Success Stories

Gloria Besser:


Deb Hyatt:

This couple transformed their lives — together.

These programs are so beneficial to do along with your spouse or partner.


After having a hysterectomy at the age of 45, I was thrown into forced, full menopause. I found no relief whatsoever from the synthetic hormones prescribed for me. For the next four years, I was extremely miserable in many aspects of my life.

My hot flashes were so unbearable that I had rare moments in which I was not sweating profusely. I gained 40 pounds because my energy was completely zapped and I was too hot to go to the gym on any regular basis. My once vibrant sexual relationship with my husband came to a halt and I was relying on zolpidem for sleep and statin drugs for high cholesterol.

I was skeptical that Dr. Ott and the bio-identical hormone therapy would really do much to help, but my husband was insistent that I give it a chance, and I am thrilled that I did. At 50 years old, my quality of life has returned, and I fell better than I have in years.

I am no longer taking sleep or cholesterol meds. My sexual desire has returned to normal and painful intercourse is a thing of the past. I have lost 48 pounds thanks to a renewed energy level, elimination of hot flashes, and I have more endurance than I did in my thirties.

Dr. Ott has changed my life! I believe every woman dealing with menopausal symptoms can feel better. Your life can and will be worth living again.


“When my energy level dropped so much that I didn’t want to get off the couch to play tennis, I knew something wasn’t right,” Misty explained.

Misty enjoys spending time with her husband and children; she also loves staying active by playing tennis and working out at the gym. Some time ago  Misty started noticing fatigue and a decrease in her energy level. It seemed no matter how much sleep she got, she still felt tired.

When Misty’s symptoms continued, she talked with her OBGYN. She was surprised to hear that her thyroid and progesterone hormone levels fell within the “normal range,” and her doctor wasn’t able to help her. Even though Misty remained active, she wasn’t content with her lower than usual energy level.

She talked with Dr. Ott about her symptoms and arranged for her blood work to be reviewed by her.

“After looking at my blood levels, Dr. Ott explained that my hormone levels were that of an 80-year-old woman! She also explained to me that hormone levels for most women peak when they are in their twenties and then decline thereafter.”

Misty decided to move forward with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with Dr. Ott.

“I was feeling better and had much more energy within two months. Dr. Ott continued to adjust my hormone dosage until I was at optimal levels for me. She really turned my life around,” Misty reflected.

In fact, she has since referred friends to Dr. Ott.

“There isn’t a cookie cutter treatment plan with Dr. Ott; she understands and emphasizes that each person is a little different. I appreciated how my treatment was individualized and specific to me.”